Home Automation & Entertainment

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Home Automation

Home automation is the use of one or more computers to control basic home functions and features automatically and sometimes remotely. Such functions include lighting, heating, and security. An automated home is sometimes called a “smart home”.

Home Audio Distribution

Multi-room audio distribution is one of the most popular features in any home automation system. Each room is completely independent, allowing you to select what is playing and adjust volume without affecting any other room. These advanced multi-room audio distribution systems allow you to do more than simply change sources. You can control the source devices you are listening to as well. From each room, you are able to skip to the next song, change channels, or perform other activities as if the source device was in the room with you. You may also control all devices through your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Home Video Distribution

Video Distribution allows you to send video from one primary location to different rooms around your house. These video distribution systems can accommodate a wide range of sources, from DVD Players, Cable Boxes, DVR’s and much more.

Home Automation Theatre Design

Recently, advances in media technology have made it possible to enjoy the theatre experience in the comfort of your own home. State-of-the-art technology makes it possible to enjoy sound and image quality in your home that rivals even the best movie theatres. Let us work with you to design a custom home theatre for you and your family to enjoy.