Getting Wired For Security On Long Island

New York CCTVLeaving home is an everyday occurrence. People have to be at work or school or be somewhere else to accomplish errands. The ironic thing is that as people go into their routines, the only place where each person feels safe may be left unsecured.

Fire and burglary are some of the most common threats to home security. The USFA Fire Estimate Report showed that cooking and heating were the top causes of fire in residential buildings from 2007-2011. As of 2012, the estimated number of burglaries was 2,103,787. About 74.5% of this accounted for residential burglary. In the state of New York, the approximated rate of burglary is 329 per 100,000 inhabitants. If an average person can read 300 words per minute, this means that another home is being attacked as a person is reading this.

These figures validate the need for protection. Systems that can detect fires and burglars can provide the much needed solution to make each home safer and more secure. Liberty Bell Alarm Corp. is the industry expert when it comes to New York City or Long Island burglar and fire alarm systems. Armed with decades of experience and high quality equipment, they are indeed the team that can help not just homeowners, but business owners as well with any security issue.

Long island burglar and fire alarm systems, by Liberty Bell Alarm Corp., can essentially spot potential hazards. Burglar alarm systems are connected to any entry point in a house such as back doors, attic windows, and garages. When an intrusion is detected, the alarm can alert the owners or the police and move them to take action. Fire alarms are equipped with sensors that can detect smoke and heat. Once triggered, people within the premises can be alerted about any fire hazard leading them to inform the fire department immediately.

A relatively new security system, in addition to the Long Island burglar and fire alarm systems, is the carbon monoxide monitoring system. Unlike burglars or fires, carbon monoxide is difficult to detect. It is odorless, colorless, and not visible to the naked eye. A typical CO detection system monitors the saturation level in an area and sets off the alarm before reaching critical levels.

Too overwhelmed to decide? Long island burglar and fire systems may seem too complicated at first with all the wiring, electrical equipment and of course, cost. In order to address this, Liberty Bell Alarm Corp. can walk you through your security needs by providing a comprehensive analysis of the home or business. By identifying areas with potential hazards, it is easy to determine the most suitable system for you.

Long Island burglar and fire alarm systems can turn into your most important investment. A working and efficient security system gives you peace of mind whether you are at home or away for work and errands. Of course, applying basic safety procedures such as locking doors and windows or replacing weak hinges should not be neglected. Assets are built through time and it is important to ensure that your wealth and more importantly, your family, are always protected.